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Pokemon Go is a game that won the world markets in just a few minutes from the premiere. Experts suggest that it may become the most popular game in history and at the same time achieve the status of a precursor of new solutions. Why? Mainly due to the presence of augmented reality, which allows you to move the game world to the real world. This is possible thanks to a large advancement of smartphones, which, thanks to receiving the GPS signal are able to show us the location of Pokemon and so much real game.

The game is not yet fully polished as themselves admit its creator. It lacks a few features have been announced. Most of them, however, is a matter of time. All promised extras to appear as promised. Pokemon GO can become a big hit, thanks to the use of the model augmented reality. The game follows the trends, it is packed with features społecznościowmi. Style of gameplay promotes primarily meeting with other players. To catch any Pokemon because we need to get out of your house and look for it on the board, called the world. As a result, significantly increases the chance to meet with other friends, acquaintances and establish a common fun. Pokemon GO very precisely captures the atmosphere of the game. The big advantage of the game is the presence of many iconic Pokemon known from the initial series of games. At the moment in the game it is available close to the 150 Pokemon, which are located according to their natural origin.

The big advantage of the series is also intuitive micropayment system, which allows you to jump to a higher level of sophistication of our hero. Instead of paying again for the game – theoretically free2play – you can use our innovative solutions available on this site. We have a hack, cheats, and a generator, which allow the game to reach a higher level. Gain an easy way to items that are in the classical sense inaccessible. Facilitate finding a Pokemon, and most importantly – enjoy the great fun of the game, develop your character and win the battles with other trainers!

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