Pokemon Go is now the most popular mobile game in the world. He won the hearts of fans through their innovative solution that uses an alternate reality. Gamers have the ability to control gameplay using your smartphone. Hence, very close to the realization of the dream of becoming the best Pokemon trainer. Knowing the ins and outs of the game, knowing how difficult it is, we decided to create an innovative guide that will succeed to anyone!


  1. What systems support application Pokemon Go?
  • Pokemon Go is available on Android phones and iOS. There is a small probability that the game will be released on phones with Windows.
  1. Will I be able to exchange with other Pokemon trainers?
  • Game developers ensure that it will be a possibility. In the current version of the game, however, it is not available. Probably the exchange will take place only at the close contact between players, or in the case of two players in the Gym.
  1. Do I have to pay something to take advantage of the game?
  • The game is completely free. However, it has micropayment system, which allows you to expand the capabilities.
  1. How much need the Internet to effectively enjoy the game?
  • Approximately 2GB.
  1. How do I evolve your Pokemon?
  • First of all, we should take advantage of candy. We can win by catching Pokemon and sending them to the professor.
  1. Can I fight with other coaches?
  • Currently, there is no such possibility. From the trailers, however, shows that the most likely fight 1 vs. 1, as well as the group battles.
  1. Where can Pokeball?
  • Are the items necessary for the effective play. Game developers want to use micropayment system, which enables the exchange of real money for various Items.
  1. What can I do in the gym?
  • First of all, fight and train. The measure Gym classes you can choose which faction you want to belong. The choices are Yellows, Blues and Reds. When locating your Pokemon in the gym, we count every 21 hours for 10 Gold, and Stardust.