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Pokemon Go for Android

Pokemon Go is free-to-play game, which created for smartphones. In game we have AR technology (augumented reality). If you have that technology, you can go around the world and looking for monsters. Game used GPS technology, so as to get player location, and created world of augumented reality. If you want to get another level in simply way, you can buy pokecoins (virtual cash). If you have PokeCoins, you can take items like Candy, Lure Module, Incense. With that, game become very simple.

Pokemon Go on Android – some information about game

On start game, we can create our hero, with virtual avatar, and different hair, skin, eyes and clothes. After that, player is transferring to Pokemon Go world. Around him we can see Pokestop, and arena fight. In arena, we can fight with other players, but not only Pokemon. How? In game, we do not fight with Pokemon. To get monsters, we just throw PokeBall – with precision and strength. After catch, player get candys and especially dust, which can advanced strength. Combat Power (CP) is the most important indicator in game. Best ability of our Pokemon.

Player get experience in game, if get Pokemon. After five level, each hero can fight in arena with hall’s leader. Also, player can join to one of three fractions, and take hall other teams.

Pokemon Go on iOS

Official premier game in New Zeland, Australia and United States of America is 6 July 2016. Today, we can play in:

  • Great Britian
  • Belgian
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Italy
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Holland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Hungry

And other countries:

  • Canada
  • Porto rico
  • Hong-Kong
  • Japanese
  • Fiji
  • Laos
  • Papua New Gwynne
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Makau

And a lot of others. Game popularity is on whole world. In every school we can see a lot of kids, which play in game with a lot of emotions. It is newest form funny. It is revolution in game world.

So – what can I do, so as to be best player in game?

Great question. It is not simply, but possibility. Definitely, you must have knowledge about game. You must know tips and tricks in game. We are a programmist team, which love Pokemon. We want to share our way to get best level. Read this text and take conclusions.

Pokemon Go – unstobappable

How to catch’em’all?

We must remember, that all world is a game’s arena! You look at right bottom – at PokeRadar. On this, we can see Pokemon in around place. Grey icons show Pokemon, which we not have. Colours monsters is ours. After click radar, we can see window with a lot of information about Pokemon. We should all time take risk, and want go get Pokemon. Of course, if we have Poke Ball.

Poke Stop – upgrade your backpack

On map, we can see a lot of PokeStop. There is a points, like church, museum, sculptures, and palace, which have blue point, on high level. After click, we can see a photo of the place to which the PokeStop is assigned. After click photo, we fall out bubbles with objects that automatically fall into our backpack. After using PokeStop turns pruple in both view photos and map. As a result, from a distance, we can see, which PokeStop is all-time used, and to which we can go after get new items.

Items, which can get on PokeStop dependent player level. On first level, we can get only Poke Ball and Pokemon’s Egg. After five level, we see a lot of fights near in PokeStop. That is simply way to get a lot of potions. It’s meaning what you should be strong.


Pokemon’s Egg we can find in PokeStop. We do not know, what is inside. If we want to get Pokemon, we must take egg in incubator. On start game, we have incubator, which can use countless times. In game, we can get different incubators, which can get more than one Pokemon. You must walk 2, 5 or 10 kilometers, so as to get Pokemon. Not only drive a car. It is impossible, because game’s system is cannot do that.

Our monsters

After catch Pokemon, we have question – what’s next? On right bottom, we have list our Pokemon. Use it, so as to sort monsters. It is simply. Key’s ability is a Combat Power. It is strength in game. Second important thing is Hit Points, which show health our Pokemon.  You will remember that is two important things in game – Pokemon Candy and Stardust. With that, we can do training our monsters, and get another level.

The first option available on the preview screen Pokemon is Power Up. It is option costs both our stellar dust and candy. It allows you to increase the Combat Power and Hit Point the monster. White semicircle above Pokemon fills up during training, and when it comes to the end, it will mean that our Pokemon has reached its limit.

The second is the evolution, with Candy. What’s important evolution does not depend on how strong is our Pokemon. This means that we cannot train and evolve or first raise its CP to the maximum level, and then evolve. When we want to find the information about Pokemon attacks, we can scroll down the screen.

All time in game, we can do transfer. It is simply way to get rid of the weak or injured Pokémon, sending them to the professor, but you must remember that, you cannot we will never be able to recover. However, we get a lot of candys and space to upgrade our monsters.

Entice Pokemon

I want to share one of best way to get Pokemon. How to do this? Incense, it is a type of incense-attracting scent your Pokemon. If we use that, around us for half an hour. In practice it so that every few minutes shows up at us Pokemon you can catch. Five days ago, I tested the object, when sitting at home, but the march works the same way. There are both creatures that we already have as well as those previously non-meeting.

Lure Module – best way to get Pokemon

In Pokemon Go, we can find items likes Lure Module. If we use that, we can draw a lot of wild monsters through 30 minutes. When module start, every players can get benefits for this.  Lure Module is very easy to use and brings a lot of benefits, not only for us. It is better item than Incense. If you start module, you can sit in the one place and catch pokemon snap. Definietly, its great opportunity to get another level. This is a nice option for group meetings. Without having to walk, catch a lot of Pokemon. After 30 minutes PokeStop returns to its normal appearance and we can then use the next module.

Pokemon Go on Android


Our guide it is very simply. We want to show our strategy to play in Pokemon Go. Why? Because we love all series Pokemon. We are players, and fans. We are looking for best way to get another level on the game, and… one the life! Check this out!